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a thing with two legs and a blue hue under a harsh light.

untitled 2.1.2021

untitled 2.1.2021

Post - Year in Review

As of now, it's 2021. Originally I was going to make an elaborate Twitter thread about the stories behind pieces but I'll be real, I don't want to.

In February 2020 I started this hashiel, under a different handle (if you know you know) after migrating from another account. It was the first real time I was on Twitter actively trying to join a community. I made some good friends, met a lot of people, even did a temporary 2 month hiatus and came back.

As for this year's goals, they include building a portfolio, getting better at art, learning anatomy, making a font and even producing music (since that interests me a lot). I've been drawing seriously for around 1.5 years (my 'official' anniversary is July 1st) and I really want to continue.

As from now, pretty much everything I make (as well as things that I don't view as important enough for Twitter) will be uploaded here and here only.

head portrait of a black character with orange eyes, goggles and an afro crying.

Art Trade with @endeneka, 30.12.20

a portrait of an anthro hyena with piercings, with an abstract blue background

Art Trade with @SSICKDOG, 29.12.20

an illustration of a shop from the RPG Yume Nikki. It contains some distorted posters, a mad toriningen behind a counter, and a person with the lettr 'e' for a body

Mall Shop, 22.12.20

a piece with two slime monsters, a black cat-esque one on the left and a tall, orange, rabbit-esque one on the right.

untitled, 22.12.20

flat picture of ralsei facing away from the camera, with the tropical juice emoji in their hand

untitled, 21.12.20

alarge goat with black and red eyes, tendons extending, in space

December 21st, 21.12.20

a red, yellow and blue bird-looking thing is in portrait, on an exposed background

untitled, 10.12.20